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This is a module I designed and printed to PCB.

It combines a shift register and a 7 segment display onto one PCB with convienient Power in and Out Jumpers and also Data In and Out Jumpers.

Designed to be daisy chained, theoretical limit is 512 modules per chain.



Single Module

7seg display v1.png

panel layout

7seg display v1 panel.png

Parts List

1x PCB Module

1x 7 segment display common Anode/Positive 0.56in Red

1x 74hc595 (or compatible) shift register in DIL16 package

2x 220ohm resistor (adjust resistor size to control max brightness).

2x 3-1 Male/ Female header. For Data in and Data out.

2x 2-1 Male/ Female header for power in and power out.