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Url redirection is correctly working now :)


I got tired of using google docs for all my tech notes and decided to host my on wiki instead. This wiki is a brain dump for myself and any other tech heads out there, hosting only costs me ~$140 a year so I think its well worth it.

Easiest way to browse atm is to use: Special:Categories



If you want an account just request and wait for validation, you can ping me if you want quick access.

Warning that it is a private wiki and there will be a low to zero tolerance to vandalism.

Adding / Editing

Keep it sfw and nothing illegal (ie dont store windows serial keys here).

When creating a new page, always categorize it.

If adding a different way to do something, ADD do not replace. Edit wiki page to have method 1, method 2 etc sub sections for example.

Use my crappy Wiki cheat sheet for links to admin stuff.

Most actual wiki information (formatting etc) can be found here:

Getting started

Consult the User's Guide for information on using the wiki software.

New Pages